Soul to Soul (2017, rev. 2019)

elegy for Wind Ensemble

Composed August-October 2017

Rev. 2019

9-10 Minutes

Grade 4 on Instrumental Grading Scale

Premiered September 29, 2019 by the Purdue University Symphonic Band,

Dr. Jonathan Sweet, conductor

*This world premiere was made possible by "And we were heard". Thank you!!

Soul to Soul is an elegy for wind ensemble written in the memory of David Maslanka (1943-2017), who I had the pleasure of working closely with for a brief period in February 2017. The work is a tribute to Dr. Maslanka and his unique style of writing for wind ensemble, complete with chorales and hopeful trumpet fanfares. In addition to the chorales, this piece also contains a quote from his 8th symphony.

More information about this piece can be found here: Soul to Soul

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Soul to Soul - Purdue University Symphonic Band; Jonathan Sweet
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